Great Places to Work Don’t Just Happen

They are created by hiring and retaining ethical employees

Get to know the character of your candidates – earlier in your process
Gain meaningful insight for Code of Conduct and Insider Threat programs
Streamline workplace investigative interviews

Online rule-based AI interviews for:

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Learn how you can take advantage of our technology to scale your team and automate your hiring, insider threat, and investigative processes.

Brady Roberts, COO

It takes more than an assessment.

Add the world’s only Professional Automated Online Interview to your toolkit.

Questions about unethical and counterproductive workplace behaviors usually don’t come up during face-to-face interviews, but it is so important to hire and retain ethical employees – the candidates of today are your colleagues of tomorrow.

We fixed that.

Let our platform do the interview - gain efficiency and save time

Backed by more than 100 academic studies, the Verensics automated interview platform mimics an interview with an industrial psychologist. 

And it does so while maintaining the most unbiased, consistent, and respectful approach.

To get a detailed picture of candidates’ and employees’ workplace behaviors and ethics, you can tailor the Verensics automated interview platform to meet your organization’s unique needs.

We gathered the most useful aspects of all of these tools into one SaaS platform

Psychological Assessments

Integrity Assessments

Structured Interviews

Background Checks

Illegal Drugs

A suite of automated online interviews for the entire life cycle of personnel risk

Verensics Professional Automated Online Interviews help with pre-employment screening, through current employee integrity assurance, to internal investigations.

Better hiring in less time

Our automated pre-employment interviews take the heavy lifting off your team members and pinpoint the best applicants to make hiring decisions easier, faster, unbiased — to hire and retain ethical employees.

Higher quality interview time

Improve the productivity, professionalism, and respectfulness of your interviews by using our reports to guide follow up discussions and to better understand experiences and attitudes that shape behaviors.

More trusted, accountable, and high-performing teams

Power a wide range of human resources, risk, loss prevention, and security programs like code of conduct & ethics compliance, insider threat, and job promotion evaluations in a single platform.

The fastest way to close investigations

Solve cases in record time, with low cost, little business disruption, and without offending leadership, while leaving interviewees with a favorable opinion of the process.

Our Experience

Here are some benefits organizations experience by using the Verensics platform:

Lower employee theft and bribery:

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0 %

Across different industries, with an average of 35% reduction.

Reduce bullying, sexual harassment, and workplace violence:

0 %

Across different industries.

Increase loyalty and motivation:

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0 %

Users across different industries decrease the number of automated online interviews used between the first and second year because they hire and retain ethical employees, who are more motivated and stay longer

Close investigations faster with more confidence:

Cases that historically took 11 months to close are now closed in 2 weeks.

You Are Who You Hire!

Feedback from companies about employee experience with Verensics:

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